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Ke Ala A Ka Jeep

Written by Mary Kawena Pukui and Myrna Kamae and set to music by Eddie Kamae. The story recounts an unforgettable jeep trip they took to the significant places of Kawena’s childhood in Kaʻū where she shared stories of her early life with her grandmother. This song marked a pivotal point in Eddie’s journey as it awakened him to the connection among places, names, history, meaning, and experience.

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Recording from the Hawaiian Legacy Foundation archive. Performed by Eddie Kamae. © ℗ Hawaiʻi Sons Publishing Co. The Hawaiian Legacy Foundation. All rights reserved.

Watch Video Clips on YouTube and ʻUluʻulu

YouTube videos are documentary clips and full song performances.
ʻUluʻulu videos link to short preview clips from raw footage.

How Mary Kawena Pukui, Eddie Kamae, and his wife Myrna wrote the song “Ke Ala A Ka Jeep” to commemorate their trip to Kaʻū from the documentary, Those Who Came Before: The Musical Journey of Eddie Kamae.

Myrna Kamae recalls their visit to Kaʻū and how happy Mary Kawena Pukui was to revisit a childhood home.

B-roll footage of views of the arid land of Kaʻū near the shoreline with grasses and kiawe, 2002.

B-roll footage of panoramic views of the prominent puʻu in Kaʻū and the rocky shoreline, 2002.

Eddie Kamae reflects on what Mary Kawena Pukui told him about the cave of Puhiʻula and how traditionally everyone shared with one another.

Myrna Kamae recalls their special trip to Kaʻū with Mary Kawena Pukui, Ele (Eleanor) Williamson, Asa (Asaishi) Yamamoto and Willie (William) Meinecke.

Eddie Kamae remembers the good memories of their trip to Kaʻū with ranch manager Asa (Asaishi) Yamamoto.

To explore more of our digitized collections of raw footage with ʻUluʻulu, visit:
Hawaiian Legacy Foundation: Eddie & Myrna Kamae.

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